Enhance your knowledge with continuing education!

Enhance your knowledge with continuing education!

Are you looking for continuing education on a variety of topics? Explore our free on-demand webinars — after your cat is done using your computer. Click on any of our course offerings below to get started.

One Size Fits Some: How Practicing Across the Spectrum of Care Benefits Pets + Practitioners

In a conversation on increasing access to care, Petco Chief Veterinarian Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM and Dr. Emily Tincher, DVM Senior Director of Pet Health at Nationwide, will discuss the range of care options veterinary teams can offer across a spectrum of care — from standard to complex.

What’s the Emergency? The Case for a Spectrum of Care Approach

Research suggests that 1 in 3 pet families would struggle to pay for an unexpected veterinary bill of $500 or less. But how do we really know what the options are, and how can we discuss the trade-offs as we offer treatment and diagnostic options across a range from basic to advanced? We are often taught to communicate our recommendations for pet health care as if there is only one best option, no matter the pet family situation. Join us for a case-based approach to the most common urgent conditions in dogs and cats.

Head Cases: An Evidence-Based Spectrum of Care Approach to Neurology in General Practice

The focus of this presentation will be on equipping general practitioners with the skills and knowledge to deliver effective care prior to referral, preventing unnecessary referrals, and addressing cases where referral is not feasible due to pet, family, financial, or other constraints. By emphasizing practical approaches, this session seeks to enhance the quality of neurological care at the primary care level.

Welcome to the Pet HealthZone®: Bringing Personalized Pet Data into the Exam Room

Learn about the new digital platform launched by Nationwide that will put the power of 40+ years of pet health data, generated by you and the pets you treat, into the hands of veterinary healthcare teams and the pet families you serve. This course will help you recognize the role that an evidence-based approach to life stage management can take in practice, how pet health insights can streamline your communications and recommendations, and much more.

Home Hacks to Care for Senior Pets

Veterinarians have a variety of tools to keep puppies and kittens healthy as they grow, and we are well prepared to help our patients as they approach their senior years. The care and management of a senior pet is very different for both the patient and owners alike. In this course, you will learn about the differences between senior and geriatric, the ways to care for the geriatric pet in the home, and different ways to educate pet owners on their geriatric pets.

In the Know About Noses: Health Trends in Brachycephalic Breeds

Using data from more than 450,000 dog years of Nationwide canine claims, the most recent research from Nationwide’s Pet Health Analytics and Insights Team adds previously unavailable context and reveals new insights on health concerns for dogs with an extreme brachycephalic phenotype.

This session will provide newly published insights into diseases of brachycephalic dogs, offering a data-informed approach to brachycephalic disease awareness, education, and management.

Debunking Pet Insurance

Recommending pet insurance for your clients can be overwhelming for both you and your client. This course will provide a simple breakdown of the various types of pet insurance providers, policy types and benefits for pet owners and the veterinary practice, including the resources you need to make the best recommendation for your clients.

Introduction to Spectrum of Care

The goal of a spectrum of care approach to veterinary practice is to empower pet families to access pet healthcare that best fits their expectations and financial considerations.

If You’re Unhappy and You Know it, PERMA Plan!

For many of us, while we may not be burnt out in our work as veterinary professionals, we may also not be thriving. In this session you’ll gain a basic understanding of a prominent model for psychological wellbeing and a bit of what the science tells us may contribute to the veterinary “good life”. We’ll explore the energy‑inducing PERMA‑V model and share some tools for PERMA‑planning yourself to the life you deserve.

Get Out There and Start Inspiring the Next Generation of Veterinarians Today!

Veterinary medicine is the only profession where most of its members made their career decision before they were 13 years of age. This session will explore how you provide can support aspiring veterinarians through resources, guidance, and shadowing opportunities to help aspiring veterinarians explore and follow their dream.

What Clients Want When They Seek Transparency in Healthcare

Medical mistakes are not unique to human healthcare, and medical mistakes are not the only circumstance in which transparency may be warranted or desired. Attendees of this session will learn from direct quotes and data obtained by thematic analysis how transparency improves conversations about logistics and scheduling; diagnostic, medical, and/or surgical procedures; and patient health.

The Privilege of Being a Part of the Human-Animal Bond

There’s a special triangle formed when the veterinarian is accepted into the bond between client and pet. We explore the history that has brought us to understand this bond.

Standards of Care for the Use of Veterinary Cannabis

This course will present standards for the selection of products that are safe and meet label claims for potency; discuss the safe limits of use and doses of CBD based on published safety studies in the dog, and provide a logical framework for dosing based on published studies and observations by veterinarians.

The Healing Power of Pets: Know and Share the Science

This program introduces the Human-Animal Bond Research Institute and its library of research. It also reinforces the commitment to maintaining pet health, as well as suggestions that veterinary staff can share this information with their clients.

Incorporating exotics in your practice focusing on standards of care and profitability

This course offers students a break down on what is needed for successfully incorporating zoological medicine (a.k.a. ZooMed, exotics) into the general practitioner’s daily routine. It discusses topics on standard of care, profitability, necessary equipment, training your team, and the importance of pet insurance for ZooMed patients.

There’s More Than One Way to Treat a Cat: A Practical Approach to the Spectrum of Care

Do you find talking about money stressful? In school, we learn gold standard medicine, but in practice, we must balance client financial limitations with the best interest of our patients. There are flexible ways to get the information we want and need while still working within a client’s means by embracing the concepts of spectrum of care and incremental care.

Be Wise, Detoxify! Effective mindful strategies for the veterinary team

Dr. Hawley and Renee Machel co‑founded Get MotiVETed, a company that provides wellbeing solutions for veterinary professionals and organizations. In this webinar, they will offer their expert insights on the most effective skills that make the biggest impact when prioritizing your wellbeing and self‑care so that you leave feeling uplifted, inspired, and ready to tackle your toughest problems in life and your career.